The Science Behind Essential Oils

The Science Behind Essential Oils: Where’s the Proof?   Are you a skeptic? It’s perfectly natural to question whether essential oils or any product for that matter work. I’m especially skeptical health and wellness are involved. Science speaks to me. I like to see studies and research. That’s why I looked to research on essential oils. Here is just a little of…

Fueling the Fire: How to Keep Momentum Going Through Friday

Fueling the Fire: How to Keep Momentum Going Through Friday Don’t throw away opportunities to be productive. The way to level up is keeping your momentum going by simply keeping going. Success is about discipline, not luck. Think about Friday as the 4th Quarter in a football game – you can win or lose the whole game in one quarter. Let’s face it. You…

Why Starting a Business This Summer Is Genius

Why Starting a Business This Summer is Genius!

I don’t know about you but I’m often wondering when the PERFECT time to do something might be….and sometimes that makes me NOT do anything at all. Paralysis! UGH You might think you know when the perfect time to start something new is….I’m here to tell you it’s NOW! Honestly – whenever NOW is. Since…

5 More Stressors for Entrepreneurs and What to Do.

5 More Stresses of Entrepreneurs – What to Do?

Managing Employees and Teams: As businesses grow, entrepreneurs must navigate the complexities of managing employees and building effective teams. Dealing with personnel issues, conflicts, and ensuring employee productivity can be a source of stress. Don’t leave your zone of genius and get lost in work you don’t enjoy and maybe aren’t great at. Partner, outsource…

Top 3 Stressors for Entrepreneurs

Top 3 Stresses of Entrepreneurs – What to Do?

Stress! It’s a part of all of our work. Entrepreneurs have unique stresses that can really take a toll. So, what do you do? I’ve got the top 3 stresses and exactly how you can take control of that stress! Financial Pressure: Entrepreneurs often face financial challenges, including securing funding, managing cash flow, and meeting…

3 Basic Things Changed My Life

3 Embarrassingly Basic Things that Changed my Life this Week!

Look – I’m just me. I live my life and love what I love – can I get a shout out for basic sushi? I’m not big on the shame game – I’m a BIG advocate of DON’T YUCK MY YUM lifestyle That being said there are a couple things I cringe to share that…

Lonely? What to do?

Lonely? What to Do? UGH! Being lonely is really hard Especially when you are an introvert and also truly value your alone time. Especially when the world is so divided Especially when you’ve been hurt before Especially when being around people isn’t the easiest for you So what can you do? Connect with others: Reach out to family,…

What Is Hold You Back? 10 Things to Stop Today

What’s Holding You Back? 10 Things to Stop Today When we struggle in our businesses or our life, we often feel it’s about the things are AREN’T DOING. In fact, we need to STOP doing certain things. • Stop waiting for things – or yourself to be perfect! We need you just the way you are (yes, I’m hearing the song in my…

What's It Like Having Bell's Palsy?

What’s It Like Having Bell’s Palsy? People with Bell’s Palsy may face several challenges due to the condition’s impact on facial muscles and nerves. Some of the challenges experienced by individuals with Bell’s Palsy include: Facial paralysis: The primary challenge is the paralysis or weakness of the facial muscles on one side of the face. This can lead to…